We came together around a mission to enhance lives by making machines fluent in human.

Our technology has been developed by a diverse team of physicists, neuroscientists, engineers and behavioural psychologists with PhDs and accolades from institutions such as MIT, Stanford and Cambridge.

meet the team

leadership team

Craig Akal

Co-Founder & Joint CEO
Craig is an experienced corporate financier and dealmaker, with an influential global network across a number of industries. He runs a successful portfolio of private ventures and founded commercial property holdings in the UK and SA. He is a chartered accountant with an extensive career at Investec and Deloitte Durban, Washington DC and New York.

Dion Millson

Joint CEO
Dion is founding director of Insight Strategic Growth & Investment; investing in businesses, developing strategy and arranging capital. He has directorship roles on numerous corporate boards and was previously regional head of Investec Private Bank. He is a chartered accountant who studied at the universities of Port Elizabeth and Harvard Business School.

Alfredo Gemma

Alfredo is a technology industry leader in Cybernetics and Deep Learning, with more than two decades’ experience in the design and development of Artificial Intelligence, Inferential Systems, Neural Networks and Evolutionary Computing. He completed his Master’s in Digital Technology at the University of Ferrara and Machine Learning at Stanford University.

Strategic Advisory Board

Our growing team of thought leaders who challenge perspectives and conventions through their work, chosen to join us on our mission as a catalyst for positive change.

Al Lindsay

Vice President, Amazon Alexa Engine
Al built and managed the Alexa engineering and science teams; and the supporting functions of Echo, Skills, Voice and Speech Recognition; from creation to launch.

Dr Jan Pederson

Distinguished Scientist Uber Technologies
Jan began his career at Xerox PARC and was Chief Scientist at Yahoo!, Amazon, Twitter, Microsoft, and eBay. He holds a PhD from Stanford and BA from Princeton.

Dr Christof Koch

Chief Scientist & President Allen Institute for Brain Science
Christof was a post-doctorate fellow in the AI Lab, Brain & Cognitive Sciences Department at MIT. A Caltech professor, and the Lois and Victor Troendle Professor of Cognitive & Behavioural Biology.

Professor Mischa Dohler

Telecoms, King’s College London
Mischa is an industry thought leader, serial tech entrepreneur and Professor at King’s College. A fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, he has an extensive network at CEO level amongst some of the world’s largest telecommunications companies.